Logo Design

A logo design is normally the first graphic design that a business owner does after they have decided on the name of their business. It is also the most important item for branding a business.

A logo is a recognisable symbol or emblem that businesses use for branding themselves and their products. A logo design can be a graphic, text or a combination of both. A logo is meant to graphically represent a business’ corporate identity.

Once completed, logo designs will be used on business cards, office stationary, websites, product packaging and products, to name but a few instances. It is therefore extremely important that the logo is well thought out and uniquely identifies the business to the public.

Logos are dynamic and over time a business’ logo design will evolve, sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically. However large the change it is important to maintain the corporate identity of the business.

Using the elements of graphic design (points, lines, shapes, forms, space, colour and texture) we create balanced logo designs that look great and meet the requirements of our clients. We communicate constantly with our clients through the design process.

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