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Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

A well constructed logo design will define the image of your brand and become a recognizable symbol of your business. Ensuring that your logo projects your message to your audience is the job of our graphic designers. This is one of the first activities undertaken by new businesses.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services including logo design, business card design, letterheads, brochures, flyers, banners, product labels, email signatures and even social media page header designs. Our quality graphic design services will get the right message to your clients.

Design Packages

Keeping your identity consistent throughout your media of communication, from your website to your business cards and advertising brochures, is key to building your brand image. Our range of graphic design services and affordable packages will hep you to achieve this consistency.

How We Work

At Graphic Design Pietermaritzburg we try and keep our processes as hassle-free as possible for our clients. This is the 4-stage process that we follow to ensure that you get a design that looks great and sends the correct message to your target market:

  1. Discovery – We ask you some questions to find out who your design will be aimed at, how will it be displayed and what message is to be delivered.
  2. Design – We develop the concepts in line with the information supplied in the Discovery Stage.
  3. Development – Based on the feedback that we receive from the Design Stage we make the necessary revisions and finalize the design.
  4. Delivery – And finally we take the approved designs, package them for delivery and deliver to you or to the printer for production.

We know that, in business, timing is critical. This process should only take less than 3 days to complete depending on the project.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is all about using images, typography, space and colour to visually communicate ideas or messages. Graphic design compositions are used in everyday life and you see them all around you on billboards, banners, magazine adverts, brochures, websites, social media, business cards and product labels, to name but a few. It combines art, photography and visual communication with the intention for conveying the right message to the right audience.

Good graphic design is very important in creating and building brands for businesses. The correct and consistent use of all design elements will create a recognizable feel for identifying the image that a business projects to its audience. This image can project a business as young and edgy or formal.

Graphic designers do a lot of planning and communicating with their clients before the first designs are conceptualized.

Why Choose Graphic Design Pietermaritzburg?

Fast Delivery

Quality Designs

Great Rates

Friendly Service

Super Support

We are based in Pietermaritzburg and provide our services throughout South Africa.

We love having lots of happy clients so we ensure that our service is second to none. Along with our sister company, BrandRank, we have designed our range of graphic design products to ensure that our clients get what they need. Our goal is to ensure that our clients not only have outstanding designs but also fast service for those jobs that were forgotten until the last minute. If you don’t see what you need on our price list, givce us a call and we will create a product for you.